Fundraising for the Association – The 200 Club


The 200 Club provides an easy way to support the work of the Association, with the possibility of winning one of three prizes every month, and a bonus prize at Christmas. Currently it raises about £1,000 for the Association every year.

To take part, members are invited to complete the attached Standing Order Mandate. For those of you who use internet banking you can, alternatively, set up a Standing Order yourself using the Sort Code 80-08-16 and the Account Number 00781357. Please use your SRA Membership Number as the Reference.

You can make payments monthly, quarterly, or annually. The draw takes place at the end of each month, and if you pay less frequently, then your payments are spread over the months until your next payment. So, for example, if you choose to pay £15 quarterly, this will be treated as three monthly payments of £5.

Of the total value of all the subscriptions allocated to each month, half goes to fund the work of the Association. The rest is paid as prizes to subscribers, chosen at random. Your chance of winning in any month depends on the size of your contribution. So, if you donate £6 each month, you have three times the chance of winning as someone who donates £2 per month. Prizes are posted, as cheques, to your latest address in the SRA Membership List.

If you have any questions about the 200 Club, then do not hesitate to contact the Co-ordinator.


200 Club Co-ordinator

Roderick McLeod, Kinnaird, Nethy Bridge, PH25 3DS


Telephone: 01479 821047