Process for Funding Applications



The SRA receives numerous requests for funding every year. To ensure greater transparency and consistency, we are issuing a procedure covering both requests that can be considered at Board Meetings, and urgent requests that may need consideration before the next Board Meeting.

Only applications for SRA funding that have been made using the new application form will be considered by the SRA Board. This policy is being circulated and shared with the following bodies:-

  • Strathspey Railway Company
  • Strathspey Railway Charitable Trust
  • Caledonian 828 Trust
  • Watkinson Trust
  • Blue Square Heritage Group
  • Highland Locomotive Company
  • Highland Diesel Group

The above list will be updated as required, there being no reason why other bodies cannot, in principle, also apply.


All requests for SRA funding shall be required to be submitted on the SRA FUNDING APPLICATION form, as attached. Any applications made without full and proper completion of the Form will be declined until supplied in the appropriate format.

Applications can be made electronically as a .pdf file (to ensure no changes are made) or by hard copy via the Company Secretary.  Electronic applications, the majority, will be sent to a generic email address,, such that all applications will be received by the Chairman, Finance Director and Company Secretary for consideration of validity and decision on which method of consideration is to be adopted. Normally this will be consideration at the next Board Meeting. Exceptionally, the Urgent procedure will be adopted whereby the request, once validated, will be circulated by e-mail around the Directors, and a decision made as appropriate after due discussion. The decision will be communicated to the body requesting the funds by the Secretary.

  • The Application Form is designed to be self-explanatory.
  • The name, and signature, of the person undertaking the application must be provided.
  • Every application must be approved by an Officer/Director/Trustee of the body on whose behalf the application is being made.
  • In addition to details of the work to be undertaken with the funds requested, the role of the project in the wider context of the Strathspey Railway operations or investment plans must be set out.
  • Funding details of the project as a whole (where the application is in respect of part of the project) should be provided, with a statement of other funding arrangements in place or being sought. This will ensure that SRA money is only directed towards viable projects.


Download Application Form HERE

 This Procedure was approved by the SRA Board on 8 February 2020.