The SRA Board

Ian Stanworth


Ian is sometimes found getting his hands dirty helping to maintain the track, killing weeds and cutting trees, is training to be a shunter and is the Noise and vibration advisor for the Railway.

Neil MacQueen

Board member

“I’ve been a PWay Volunteer for about 20 years and recently started a PWay Blog. I can also on occasion be found in the Carriage Shed or Guarding somewhat reluctantly as it’s my day job on the Big Railway.”

Dickon Sandbach

Finance Director

Dickon Sandbach moved to the Highlands recently, and answered the SRA’s call for a Finance Director. He was a practising Chartered Accountant in the English East Midlands, where (for 15 years) he also was a Finance Committee member of the Nene Valley Railway. He has also advised the Fairbourne Railway in Wales.
At present he is still settling into his new life, but intends to get his hands dirty when he can. In the meantime he’s getting the hang of the SRA’s finances!

Brian Burgess

Board Member

I have been a volunteer now for nearly 25years and seen many changes. I am a guard on the railway which involves a lot of contact with the public. At present a driver/courier for Lochs and Glens holidays.

Robert Walters

Company Secretary

After 35 years as a railway civil engineer, I started volunteering on Strathspey Railway in 2014 when members of my family put down roots in West and North Scotland. In 2016 I decided to join them and now occupy Station House at Boat of Garten. In addition to acting as Station Master here, I also assist as a Guard (usually on Royal Scotsman) and am training to be a Signalman, both jobs which benefit from my living on site.

Dave Green

Board Member

After a career in aircraft, helicopter and submarine (Remote Operated Vehicles) engineering, I retired in 2015.
I have always had an interest in the engineering side of the whole railway, the simplicity and complexity of making everything work, safely.
I have volunteered in the engine shed since November 2013, enjoying the satisfaction of seeing things work after some difficult problem solving is very rewarding.
My input to the association board is to try and represent the engineering department aiming to keep the railway running.